Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Idea Preservation Ever!

My two daughters Poe and Little Pie Golightly spend time working on our Idea Books every six months or so. We sit on the bedroom floor with a pile of magazines, each armed with a pair of age-appropriate scissors ready to tackle those magazines for inspiration.

We look for ideas to clip and stick in our books. These ideas can come from anywhere, garden, fashion, recipes, crafts, places we’d like to visit, things we’d like to have, room décor, things that inspire a story, books we’d like to read…

Sometimes we laugh at our ideas, sometimes we all nod in agreement and sometimes it’s rock, paper, scissors over who gets the clipping for their book.

At the end of each session we sit on a new area rug made of slick magazine paper cuttings, clips, scraps, pages, and mangled magazines. Our idea books? They are neat and tidy and are ready to flip through when we need creative inspiration or when we want something but we’re quite certain what it is. The books always provide personal guidance.

Poe and Little Pie each have one book. Me? I have four: 1) Graphic Design elements, 2) Garden, 3) Home décor, 4) Fashion.

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  1. Thats a wonderful idea, mommiegolightly! I have a bundle of papers... and cant wait to get it all in an inspiring book like yours.